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Anta 2 Weightlifting Shoes vs Nike Roma 4 Weightlifting Shoes

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  • The upper of Anta 2 weightlifting shoes is a combination of fabric and artificial leather, which is lighter and less prone to damage than the mixed upper of genuine leather and artificial leather.
  • The word "中国" is printed on the upper, which is the weightlifting shoe that the Chinese national weightlifting team is using. The sole mainly uses carbon fiber and TPU materials, but also uses rubber materials.
  • The thinnest layer of the sole is rubber, which can be dug in with fingernails, and soft materials can better fit the ground.
  • Compared with other brands of weightlifting shoes, the heel height of Anta 2 weightlifting shoes is about 4.3 cm, which is slightly higher than Rome 4. However, its forefoot is also slightly higher than other shoes, and you will not obviously feel that the height of the heel is too high.
  • The sole is designed to provide good support and stability, while also avoiding excessive compression and protecting the foot.
  • The wrapping and softness of the whole shoe are very moderate, and it will be very comfortable for people with wide or high insteps. Compared with Rome 4, the upper of Rome 4 is too wrapped, and the upper is harder. Wearing it for a long time will lead to insufficient blood supply to the feet, causing fatigue, and it takes a period of time to adapt.
  • The size of the Anta 2 weightlifting shoes is the same as the size of the usual sports shoes, and the wearing comfort is also very good. The insole uses a hard insole, which is harder than the insole of the Rome 4, but it is lighter in weight.
  • Overall, Anta 2nd generation weightlifting shoes are professional weightlifting shoes worth buying. Compared with other brands of weightlifting shoes, it is more comfortable, the sole design is more stable, and the upper wrapping is also very good.
  • Especially for those who are buying weightlifting shoes for the first time, it is recommended to give priority to Anta 2 weightlifting shoes. This is a pair of competition-grade weightlifting shoes that don't require adaptation to go straight out of the box!

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