Weightlifting Shoe Review: LUXIAOJUN & Anta Collaboration Black-Gold Edition

Weightlifting Shoe Review: LUXIAOJUN & Anta Collaboration Black-Gold Edition

The LUXIAOJUN & Anta collaboration weightlifting shoes, launched in 2020, have been seasoned by the rigors of the Chinese National Weightlifting Team and have since become a classic in their own right.

Basic Specifications

Size: US9.5 / 27.0cm / EUR43.0
Weight Analysis
Bare Shoe Weight: 556g
Insole Weight: 41g
Total Weight: 596g
Comparison: Virtually identical to the red and yellow Anta model, slightly heavier than the NIKE Romaleos 4 (588g). The difference becomes more pronounced if the Romaleos 4 insoles are replaced, as my pair weighs 500g with thinner insoles. However, the weight of weightlifting shoes has minimal impact on technique and performance.

Height Details

Effective Height: Approximately 23mm (difference in height from front to back)

Bare Shoe Heel Height: 29mm
Insole Thickness: 5mm forefoot, 7-8mm rearfoot
Comparison Chart:The black-gold edition's height is consistent with the national flag-colored Anta shoes, slightly higher than the Romaleos 4, and lower than the Reebok Legacy Lifter and adidas Leistung 16 ll. The insole thickness of 5-7mm provides a medium firmness and is appropriately thick.

Detail-Oriented Design

Velcro Strap:

A crucial feature, the Velcro strap's adherence and length are exceptional. The Velcro on the inside of the strap runs the entire length, allowing for a secure fit that won't come undone under impact. This is in stark contrast to the NIKE Romaleos 4 and Reebok Legacy Lifter, which have a sparse Velcro setup leading to poor adherence, especially after prolonged use.

Metal Rings:

The metal rings on the straps are wider, making it easier to thread and unthread the straps. This is a significant improvement over the narrower rings found on the Romaleos 4 and Legacy Lifter.

Strap Edge:

Anta's straps have a hard plastic edge that ensures the longevity of the strap, preventing it from rolling over time. This detail is absent in the Romaleos 4 and Legacy Lifter, whose straps are made of a harder plastic material that doesn't roll but also lacks the softness of Anta's canvas straps.

Rolling Axis:

The metal ring on the strap features a bearing-like metal sleeve on the inside, allowing for smooth tightening and loosening without any snags.

Comfort and Break-In

The new shoes may not conform to the foot immediately and require a break-in period. There's barely any perceptible difference in material quality between the collaboration model and the older version. However, the new shoe's leather is stiffer, while the older version has developed creases, making it feel more fitted. After wearing them a few times, they should mold to the foot.


The outsole boasts fine anti-slip patterns. This unique feature was first introduced by Anta's "Tonnage Class" shoes years ago, inspired by the R2 model, with a design寓意 (meaning or implied meaning) of "Dingli" (strength or power), representing the might of lifting a cauldron. The black-gold colorway's sole pattern is quite attractive and eye-catching.

Customization and Personalization

The black-gold colorway is a classic choice. All gold can be too flamboyant, and all black too somber. The stability of black with the audacity of gold strikes a perfect balance.

The two colorways released by Anta, all black and all white, are excellent choices for DIY enthusiasts looking for personalized options.

The heel color is a personal DIY touch, but the Anta logo on the shoe is an authentic gold emblem that shines brilliantly. With two pairs of black weightlifting shoes already in my collection, I've painted the logo gold on the red and yellow Anta pair, but the original color is more accurate and beautiful.

Inheriting the Classic

The greatest strength of Anta's weightlifting shoes is their classic design, a testament to Anta's strategic development that hasn't succumbed to the temptation of overcomplicated, high-concept designs. The Nike R3 and R4 models gave me this impression; despite all the changes, they still revert to classic designs that have stood the test of time.

Personal Preferences

From a personal perspective, dual straps are a priority, followed by genuine leather material. Additionally, since I'm accustomed to heel lifts, I don't pay much attention to the heel height. However, for most enthusiasts, the effective height is an important criterion for weightlifting shoes. A 2-3mm difference may not be significant, but a difference of more than 3-4mm is quite noticeable.

Shoes with too low or too high heels may feel uncomfortable and could affect your posture. Generally, the greater the height difference, the more pressure is placed on the knee joints, especially during Full Squat support or back squat movements.

Anta 1 weightlifting shoes "Black/Gold" are no longer in stock, but "Red/Yellow" are in stock!

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