Lu Xiaojun Weightlifting Shoes

Lu Xiaojun Weightlifting Shoes | The Best Choice for Beginner Weightlifting Shoes

Choosing the right weightlifting shoes is crucial for beginner weightlifters. As a weightlifting shoe that is very suitable for novices, the Lu Xiaojun weightlifting shoes designed by Anta have the following advantages:

  • 1. Reverse double velcro design, stronger wrapping feeling, the velcro part is made of metal buckle, and the buckle part is made of genuine leather, which is more wear-resistant.
  • 2. The toe cap is designed with circular air holes, and there is a breathable mesh part on the side, which has good air permeability.
  • 3. The sole adopts Lu Xiaojun LOGO pattern, hard rubber, and has excellent anti-skid performance.
  • 4. The outside of the TPU on the heel is covered with a thin layer of rubber material to protect the TPU.
  • 5. There is a thin TPU support around the forefoot, which is helpful for the stability of the forefoot.
  • 6. The heel height is 4 cm, and the drop from the forefoot to the heel is less than 2 cm. The descent is gentle and suitable for most.
  • 7. The fabric material used on the tongue and heel pillow provides good comfort and support.
  • 8. Equipped with a hard insole to provide extra stability and support, the pattern of the insole is similar to "R".
  • 9. The weight of a single shoe reaches 700 grams, and the stability is guaranteed.

These advantages make Lu Xiaojun weightlifting shoes the best choice for beginners, whether you are a novice or a professional fitness enthusiast, it is worth considering.

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