Lu Xiaojun Lifter 1.0 Weightlifting Shoes

Lu Xiaojun Lifter 1.0 Weightlifting Shoes | New Product Review

Brand name: LUXIAOJUN

Series name: Lu Xiaojun Lifter 1.0

Size: 43 (UK8.5, US9.5, 27.5CM)

Outsole length: 297mm

Inner length (insole): 275mm

Weight (single size 43): Full shoe weight 657g

Effective height difference: 20mm (heel height 45.3mm, forefoot height 25.3mm)

Insole: Insole weight 50g, insole thickness 8-9mm

Fixing method: shoelaces + double straps

Number of shoelace holes: 4-5 holes/strips/points

The insole weighs 50g and is a relatively heavy insole.

Lu Xiaojun upgraded his professional weightlifting shoes in October and officially changed their name to Lu Xiaojun Lifter 1.0 weightlifting shoes. The sizing has been revised, adding several half sizes, and changes have been made to the labels on the shoes and on the shoe boxes.

Old version Lu Xiaojun EU43/US10/UK9.5/28CM
Nike EU43/US9.5/27.5CM
Anta EU43/US9.5/27CM
Through measurement, it was found that the length and width of their shoes were almost the same, indicating that Lu Xiaojun was a standard size, but it was half a size too small on the label.

Now Lu Xiaojun has modified this problem. The old version of Lu Xiaojun EU43/US10/UK9.5/28CM has been modified to EU43/US9.5/UK8.5/27.5CM.

Try on:
When I first put it on my feet, I immediately felt "pressure" and the shoes were very tight. But the main reason is that it is "tight" and there is no squeezing feeling on the toes. From this, we can judge that there is no problem with the shoe length. In terms of material, it is lined with padding, which is a layer of sponge, and it is not too thick to the touch. Compared with other weightlifting shoes, Lu Xiaojun Lifter 1.0 has a better wrapping feel.

The thickness of Lu Xiaojun's insoles reaches 7mm, which is equivalent to adding an extra pair of insoles to ordinary shoes, and it is made of high-density material and will not be compressed over time.

Regarding effective height:
According to actual measurement, the height of the rear foot is 43.3mm, the height of the front foot is 25.3mm, and the effective height difference is 18mm. Compared with weightlifting shoes on the market, the drop is smaller and smoother, making it more suitable for novices.

Appearance and workmanship:
Lu Xiaojun Lifter 1.0 "Gold" uses a red gradient spray paint on the heel, with red and yellow colors, inspired by fried eggs with tomatoes. The uppers are painted perfectly and smoothly, using top-notch quality control, and basically no flaws can be found.

Of course, the biggest highlight this time is the new color matching launched by Lu Xiaojun:









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