ANTA 2 Weightlifting Shoes - Tan Ding

ANTA 2 Weightlifting Shoes - Tan Ding

8 years

For the Chinese National Weightlifting Team
provide game equipment

7 gold and 1 silver

Create the Olympic Games of Chinese Weightlifting
good achievement

Anta weightlifting shoes have accompanied Chinese weightlifters
Breaking world records many times and reaching the top of world-class competitions

Above the pinnacle


Leading upgrade of five major technologies
Anta builds China's national weightlifting team
A new generation of weightlifting shoes "Tan Ding 探鼎"
Anta 2 weightlifting shoes

Weightlifting shoes that advance structural design

Anta uses propulsion structure in weightlifting shoe design
Incorporating 10 related patents, the mechanical properties are fully upgraded
Forefoot H-shaped carbon plate provides excellent propulsion
Nitroedg technology combination nylon support sheet, three-dimensional design
Improves wrap, support and slip resistance

Smart design

Let us win more stable

"Tang Ding" adopts intelligent simulation, the bottom structure calculated by simulation mode

Incorporating hexagonal support structures and pre-compensated designs
Greatly optimized anti-overturning stability system
Protect the safety of athletes with strong support

Champion realm

Conquer the world

Anta creates exclusive shoes for seven world champions
The shape of waves at the bottom of "Tan Ding"
Realize the perfect fusion of functional modeling and landscape artistic conception
Express the oriental concept of Taoism and nature with modern aesthetic design

From the training field to the competition field, it is the home field of "Tan Ding"

New generation of weightlifting shoes for China National Weightlifting Team

"Tan Ding" came out, and its performance was fully upgraded

Anta "tonnage class" weightlifting shoes! Lu Xiaojun wins gold in weightlifting 81kg class at Tokyo Olympics

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