2023 The best weightlifting shoes to buy | Anta 1 National Team  Weightlifting Shoes

2023 The best weightlifting shoes to buy | Anta 1 National Team Weightlifting Shoes

We all know that people wear running shoes for running and basketball shoes for playing basketball. So what shoes do weightlifters wear? Chinese national weightlifting team athletes wear: ANTA tonnage weightlifting shoes.

  • Anta created this pair of tonnage weightlifting shoes for the Chinese weightlifting team. A-FORM technology was used for the first time. This technology combines sports characteristics and human mechanics to effectively reduce sports injuries.
  • The TALOOM system and A-WEARABLE materials are used simultaneously, and the overall performance is self-evident. The sound of tapping the shoes with hands is crisp and loud.
  • The "鼎 dǐng" shape pattern design on the sole of Anta shoes has the meaning of asking for the top (问鼎).

Note: In ancient times, Ding was not only a utensil for cooking food, but also a ritual vessel for sacrifices in ancestral temples. Ding is very big and heavy, so "ding" also means grand. Due to the importance of "Ding", it is often used as a metaphor for the throne and emperor's career. "问鼎 [wèn dǐng]" means to attempt to seize political power, and also refers to capturing the top results in certain sports.

  • Each pair of weightlifting shoes requires 241 processes, 58 parts, and takes 32 hours to make. After that, it needs to go through 120 hours of testing before it will finally be sent to the athletes.

    In this year's Asian Championships, Shi Zhiyong succeeded in three attempts. And in the third hand with 169 kg, he broke the snatch world record of 168 kg he created in 2019. In the clean and jerk segment, 190 and 194 kg were lifted back and forth, and the total score reached 363 kg. Tied his own total score world record.

    There is also the fierce competition between Lu Xiaojun and Li Dayin. In the 2019 World Championships, Li Dayin lost to his big brother Lu Xiaojun by one kilogram. Unexpectedly, this time the Asian Championships will be staged again.

    Lu Xiaojun lost in the first hand, but after adjusting his state, he directly challenged the world record of 173 kg in the third hand and chose 174 kg.Not to be outdone, Li Dayin directly chose 175 kg. Although the action was completed, this feat also caused his back injury to recur again.

    In the clean and jerk stage, Lu Xiaojun directly lifted 199 kilograms, 6 kilograms higher than the second place. Lock the gold medal with a perfect score of 373 kg.

    According to statistics, the Chinese team won 30 gold medals in this Weightlifting Asian Championship, and 6 people broke 8 world records 9 times.

    Whether it is Shi Zhiyong, who stands out from the crowd, or Li Dayin, who wants to break the record despite a back injury, and Lu Xiaojun, who is 37 years old and can still break the world record. And, all Olympic athletes participating in the weightlifting Asian Championships this time. We can only say that this is the spirit of sports.

    While achieving excellent results, the Anta weightlifting shoes used by the Chinese weightlifting team attracted everyone's attention. Unfortunately, this pair of Anta 1-ton weightlifting shoes is temporarily no longer produced, and only a small number of sizes are in stock.

    Lu Xiaojun's own brand recently produced Lu Xiaojun Professional Weightlifting Shoes / Squat Shoes - Gold, a tribute to Lu Xiaojun x Anta 1 “Jun” weightlifting shoes.

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