Top 10 Basketball Shoes of 2024: Way Of Wade 10 Rises Above the Rest

Top 10 Basketball Shoes of 2024: Way Of Wade 10 Rises Above the Rest

The Annual Sneaker Spectacle

When it comes to the annual ranking of basketball shoes for actual gameplay, it's more than just a topic of discussion among the biggest sneaker bloggers—it's an event that has the entire online sneaker community on the edge of their seats. The competition for the top spots is fierce, with each brand showcasing their best offerings, and the debate over the year's best shoes is always ongoing and heated.

The 2024 Rankings

This list was a culmination of opinions from 12 influential sneaker experts across the web. Here's a summary of the rankings, known as the "Top 10 List of Lists":

Tenth Place:Nike Zoom GT Cut 2

Ninth Place: Nike LeBron 20

Seventh Place (Tied): 361° BIG3 PRO and Peak Big Triangle 2.0

Fifth Place (Tied): Li-Ning Ultra Light 2022 and UA Curry 4 Flotro

Fourth Place: Air Jordan Luka Doncic's First Generation

Third Place: Li-Ning Speed 9 Elite Edition

Second Place: Air Jordan 37

First Place: Li-Ning Wade's Way 10

Nike and Air Jordan made it to the list with 4 models in total, Under Armour (UA) with 1, but only the Air Jordan 37 cracked the top 3, securing the second spot. Among Chinese brands, 361° and Peak each had 1 model featured, while Li-Ning stood out with 3 models, making it the biggest winner for 2022 in terms of actual gameplay basketball shoes.

Wade's Way 10: A Well-Deserved Crown

The Wade's Way 10's ascension to the top of the list is no fluke. As a symbol of the highest standard of domestic (Chinese) basketball shoes, it has not only won over fans with its sleek design but also consistently received high scores for its performance on the court. It has dominated various domestic and international basketball shoe rankings throughout 2022.

WearTesters, a renowned American sneaker media outlet, named the Wade's Way 10 the "Shoe of the Year" for 2022. On Reddit, it received a score of 96, making it the second-highest rated shoe in the platform's history, with many considering it the pinnacle of Li-Ning's basketball shoe lineup. The shoe also secured the top spot on Demu's "Top 1 Annual Actual Combat Shoe" list for 2022.

New Colors and Low-Cut Versions

The Wade's Way 10 continues to release new colorways, and a low-cut version debuted in 2023, providing consumers with even more options. During the 2022-23 NBA Playoffs, D'Angelo Russell has been spotted wearing the low-cut version of the Wade's Way 10 as he battles it out in the Western Conference Finals with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Li-Ning's Rising Stars

Beyond the Wade's Way 10, other Li-Ning basketball shoes have also garnered considerable praise and popularity. Over in the Eastern Conference Finals, Jimmy Butler is set to continue his underdog run, donning the JB1 and vying for another shot at the championship title.


Looking at the current playoff matchups, which mirror those of 2020, if history repeats itself and the Lakers face off against the Miami Heat in the finals, with Russell and Butler going head-to-head, Li-Ning would truly be the biggest winner.

Readers' Opinions Welcome

So, what are your thoughts on this year's top 10 list? Share your opinions and join the conversation about the best basketball shoes to hit the court in 2022!

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