Li-Ning Rouge Rabbit 6 Pro

All-around Racing Running Shoes | Li Ning Rouge Rabbit 6 Pro

As an all-around running shoe,Rouge Rabbit 6 Pro has always been loved by many runners. It is not only good appearance and rich color matching, but more importantly, the performance of this generation has been improved.


The high appearance of Rouge Rabbit 6 Pro and the rich color matching will attract more people to choose it. The upper is made of mono yarn material. The characteristics of this material are that it is light, thin and breathable, and the weight of the entire pair of shoes is very light.

Rouge Rabbit 6 Pro has extra thickening in the rear palm, and the forefoot "Beng" material is equipped with rear palm LIGHTFOAM ULTRA, which is very suitable for novice runners. , after all, most entry-level runners are used to running with the heel on the ground. Combined with the "Beng" material on the side wall, the whole pair of running shoes feels particularly smooth and soft when it lands on the ground. Not only does the forefoot bounce, but also the double-layer material on the back heel. Fuller and more bouncy.

The outsole of the shoe is made of GCR material, which can handle slippery roads and professional runways, and its wear resistance is relatively good. The upper still uses MONO gauze texture, which is especially suitable for summer, whether it is the lightweight or breathable shoe. It can meet the needs of most runners in summer.


Applicable crowd:

The foot shape adaptability is relatively high, and it is especially recommended for students to use for physical exercise, as well as for people who usually jog within 10 kilometers.

Highly recommended for daily wear outing.

Li Ning Rouge Rabbit 6 Pro Running Shoes - White/Blue

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