TES 2:0 LLL,a good start

TES 2:0 LLL,a good start

Game 1 BP:
TES Picks: K'Sante, Vi, Azir, Senna, Tahm
LLL Picks: Renekton, Wukong, Taliyah, Varus, Nautilus

League of Legends

Competition overview:

[06:09] Nautilus hooks Senna from the bottom lane through minions, but the damage is insufficient for a kill. Later, Nautilus hooks Viego during a dragon fight, securing a kill with the help of his team, though he uses Flash and is subsequently killed by Senna.

[10:04] Taliyah and Viego gank the bottom lane, bringing Tahm back and killing him with Wukong's ultimate. However, Wukong is also killed after being pushed back by Azir, who arrives to assist TES.

[12:23] Nautilus hooks the Emperor, but his teammates fail to follow up with damage, resulting in the deaths of both himself and Wukong.

[13:34] A top-side 2v2 team fight breaks out, with Viego being killed.

[14:25] Nautilus initiates with an ultimate, knocking up Azir, and Taliyah follows up with crowd control. However, the damage is not enough for an immediate kill. After both teams' members arrive, Taliyah brings back Senna and Tahm, and LLL secures a 2-for-3 trade.

[18:11] TES secures the Herald and engages in a river fight with LLL, with Taliyah bringing back Tahm, who, along with Senna inside him, is instantly killed. However, LLL's concentrated positioning allows K'Sante to push three enemies, and TES ends up with a 2-for-3 trade.

[20:44] TES pushes mid lane with the Herald, and Nautilus hooks Tahm, but is quickly downed by TES, who then take the first tower and subsequently the Baron.

[23:29] TES invades LLL's red zone and engages in a team fight, with Taliyah bringing back Senna for an instant kill, assisted by Wukong's ultimate. K'Sante goes on an invincible rampage, wiping out the enemy team.

[27:30] TES pushes the high ground, and Azir is brought back by Taliyah, forcing him to use his Gold Talisman. Wukong's ultimate suppresses the rising Azir, leading to his death. Then, during the Electro Dragon fight, Nautilus hooks K'Sante with a Flash, but despite Tahm's ultimate, K'Sante is killed, and LLL secures the Electro Dragon, interrupting TES's Elder Dragon rhythm.

[30:21] TES catches the Renekton who is split-pushing in the top lane. Although he escapes initially, TES members arrive and engage in a team fight, resulting in the deaths of Nautilus and Wukong. Renekton is also killed after turning back.

[32:17] With the Baron buff, TES launches the final assault. The significant equipment gap allows TES to push and win the first game.
Post-Game Stats:


Game 2 BP:
LLL Picks: Zac, Poppy, Sol, Varus, Nautilus
TES Picks: Ornn, Xin Zhao, Azir, Kalista, Renata

Competition overview:
[02:03] Zac jumps out from the enemy F6 area to crowd control Azir but deals almost no damage, posing no threat to Azir.

[04:42] Xin Zhao ganks the bottom lane, and Zac is forced to use his passive under the tower. Kalista secures the first blood.

[05:32] A 4v4 team fight breaks out in the river. Nautilus hooks the low-health Kalista for a kill, but LLL is chased down and Varus is forced to use Flash. Renata escapes with low health, and both teams end up with a 2-for-2 trade.

[11:11] Xin Zhao ganks the bottom lane again, lifting Nautilus to secure a kill. Poppy is unable to assist and is also killed.

[11:55] Nautilus hooks Azir from a (extreme distance), and Sol's ultimate forces Azir to use Flash. Nautilus then hooks Azir again from a (extreme distance), and Sol secures the kill.

[13:26] LLL attempts to surround TES' four members at the top, but Renata's W ability is immediately activated. Poppy is killed, allowing Kalista to be revived, and LLL is turned around for a 0-for-2 trade.

[21:52] LLL is engaged in the mid lane, with Varus missing his ultimate. Nautilus hooks in but sacrifices himself. Ornn arrives from the red zone and lifts Poppy, securing a kill.

[22:36] TES begins to take the Baron, and Sol releases his ultimate, dealing full damage, but his teammates are split up. Xin Zhao secures the Baron, and Kalista, left unattended, secures a triple kill and wipes out LLL.

[24:43] TES, with the Baron buff, pushes from the bottom lane. Kalista is initially forced away by Poppy, but Ornn's ultimate forces positioning. TES then flashes in to lift and kill Varus, pushing down the bottom lane inhibitor tower and crystal.

[27:38] TES advances from the mid lane, unstoppable, and flat pushes to end the game.
Post-Game Stats:


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