Pride of LPL, Hopes for MSI

Pride of LPL, Hopes for MSI, their matching jackets are here!

BLG and TES: Pride of LPL, Hopes for MSI

The Return of the "All-Chinese Roster Showdown" After Two Years

Ever since the inception of the League of Legends esports scene, many Chinese esports clubs sought to sign Korean players to improve their performance. Only a handful of teams remained committed to building an "All-Chinese Roster." After two years since the 2022 Spring Season Finals, esports fans are thrilled to witness an "All-Chinese Roster Showdown" once again.

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On April 20th, in Foshan, Guangdong, the BLG team engaged in a nearly four-hour battle and ultimately triumphed over the TES team with a 3:1 victory. Amidst the cheers of countless fans, the five team members stood excitedly at the center of the stage, hoisting the Silver Dragon Cup, a symbol of their championship.

BLG's Road to the Championship

BLG's journey to the championship was not without its challenges. After falling to TES in the winners' final, they dropped into the losers' bracket but quickly adjusted their state of play, defeating strong opponents in succession, and securing their ticket to the MSI.

Established in December 2017, BLG is one of the top clubs in China, boasting a roster of star players such as Knight and Bin. Despite being established for many years, the team had been lacking in terms of accolades, with only two Demacia Cup championships to their name. However, in this Spring Season, BLG overcame strong teams like NIP and TES to claim their first-ever LPL Spring Season Championship.

TES's Journey of Resurgence

TES faced setbacks in the LPL Spring Season playoffs, falling to BLG and dropping into the losers' bracket. Undeterred, they bounced back in the losers' final with a 3-1 victory over JDG, advancing to the Spring Season finals and earning their spot at the MSI. TES's path to advancement was fraught with challenges, but they demonstrated resilience and excellent teamwork, achieving a remarkable comeback.

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BLG and TES: The Pride of LPL, the New Hope for MSI

The advancement of BLG and TES brings renewed anticipation for the LPL region's performance at the MSI. As the Spring Season champions, BLG has reached a top-tier level of tactical execution and team coordination, with mid-laner Knight's exceptional performance being a significant contribution to the team's success. TES, on the other hand, has showcased the depth and competitiveness of the LPL region with their strength and tenacity.

The 2024 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational will be held in Chengdu in May 2024. BLG will make their international debut, while TES hopes to prove their mettle at the MSI. Both BLG and TES will join forces to represent the LPL region and compete against teams from other global regions for the ultimate trophy.

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