"LOL" S13 global finals quarter-finals first match today: WBG vs NRG

"LOL" WBG vs NRG, the latest team jersey!

With the end of the Swiss round of the 2023 League of Legends Global Finals, the quarterfinals will officially start at 16:00 on November 2, Beijing time. The eight teams from the Swiss round will face greater challenges!

Among them, the number one seed Beijing JDG Intel in the LPL region, the second seed BLG Ping An Bank, the third seed LNG No. 9 Electric and the fourth seed WBG FAW Audi have all advanced. This is also the first time that four teams in the LPL region have advanced to the top eight of the global finals. .

After a nine-day Swiss round from October 19th to 23rd and 26th to 29th, 16 teams from different divisions have competed for 8 places in the next stage. The four teams from the LPL division will compete with the first seed GEN, the second seed T1, the third seed KT from the LCK division, and the first seed NRG from the LCS division to compete for the top four seats in the 2023 Global Finals.

In the Swiss round, the first seeds of LPL and LCK, JDG and GEN, took the lead in advancing to the quarterfinals, followed closely by LNG, NRG, and T1. KT, WBG, and BLG also won the final round and successfully advanced to the first and second half respectively. Zone - the first half will see GEN vs. BLG, NRG vs. WBG, while the second half will see JDG vs. KT, and LNG vs. T1. The 8 teams will fight in their respective half zones, playing Bo5 games one after another. Compete until you win the final championship trophy.

[The LPL team won four seats and dominated the situation]

JDG, the No. 1 seed in the LPL division, showed extraordinary strength in this Swiss round, winning BDS, BLG and LNG one after another, and took the lead in advancing with a clean record of 3 wins and 0 losses. In the next game, JDG will face off against KT at 16:00 on November 4th, which is full of excitement. The "Double C" composed of KT bot laner Aiming and mid laner Bdd were both in good shape in the Swiss round. Even if they met teams from the LPL and LCK divisions one after another, they did not fall behind. At the same time, the battle between top laner Kiin and JDG top laner 369 also continued. Although KT is coming fiercely, I believe that JDG, as the team of kings, can strengthen their faith and defeat the enemy in this game.

The second team in the LPL division to advance to the quarterfinals is the third seed LNG. Although LNG lost against JDG in the third game of the Swiss round, the players adjusted very quickly and won KT with a score of 2:1 in the fourth game and successfully advanced. Coming to the quarterfinals, LNG will face off against the veteran powerhouse T1 at 16:00 on November 5. Following last year's global finals, T1 retained its original lineup and entered this year's global finals with great strength. Facing the upcoming game, whether it is the mid-lane matchup between the legendary veteran Faker and Scout, or the young players' duel between the top laners Zeus and Zika, it is full of suspense. T1 is in good condition, but LNG is also well prepared. This match will be very exciting.

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After defeating FNC on the last day of the Swiss round, WBG became the third LPL team to advance to the quarterfinals. As the fourth seed in the LPL division, WBG showed good resilience in the Swiss round. After the loss, they relied on the rich competition experience of their players to quickly regain their form. At 16:00 on November 2, the opening match of the quarterfinals will be jointly staged by WBG and NRG. Although WBG defeated NRG in the Swiss round, the strength of this North American number one seed cannot be underestimated. In the duel between NRG and G2, they not only took the lead in coming up with the "Senna + Tahm" bottom lane combination that played a game-breaking role, but also relied on the heroic characteristics of Jarvan IV to limit the performance of their opponent Xayah, which shows NRG's tactics. The reserves are very deep. I believe that when WBG and NRG meet again, it will be a battle between dragons and tigers.

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Also on the last day of the Swiss round, the second seed BLG in the LPL competed fiercely with G2. BLG, which was once standing on the edge of the cliff, finally relied on better teamwork and better personal strength to successfully defeat G2 and grab the title. The last ticket to the quarterfinals. BLG will then face a strong opponent at 16:00 on November 3rd - LCK's No. 1 seed, GEN, who advanced with three wins in the Swiss round. This duel will be a tough battle. Although GEN's bot laner Peyz is making his debut in the global finals, his playing style is experienced and he will be a strong opponent who needs to be cautious in the BLG bot lane duel. At the same time, whether BLG can break through the "mid-jungle linkage" of GEN's mid laner Chovy and jungler Peanut will also be the key to BLG winning the game. I look forward to BLG becoming more courageous and achieving greater results!

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