FNC 2-0 GAM: GAM's Lanes Collapse, FNC Secures an Easy Victory

FNC 2-0 GAM: GAM's Lanes Collapse, FNC Secures an Easy Victory

Game 2: GAM (Blue Side) vs FNC (Red Side)

Bans for GAM: Lucian, Varus, Vi, Hwei, Azir

Picks for GAM: Kiaya K'Sante, Levi Brand, Emo Tristana, EasyLove Zeri, Elio Veigar

Bans for FNC: Senna, Rumble, Kalista, Maokai, Karthus

Picks for FNC: Oscarinin The Card Master, Razork Xin Zhao, Humanoid Taliyah, Noah Xayah, Jun Rakan


Champion Runes

Match Summary:

2 minutes: Emo's Tristana leaps in but is caught by The Card Master's roaming Yellow Card, followed by Taliyah securing the first blood.

6 minutes: Emo's Tristana is killed in the mid lane by easy, giving FNC a significant early advantage.

8 minutes: During the dragon teamfight, FNC achieves a 1-for-3 trade, solidifying their early lead.

17 minutes: A mid-lane fight ensues, with Humanoid's Taliyah falling first, but FNC successfully fights back with a 1-for-4 trade, winning the teamfight.

22 minutes: Despite K'Sante's best efforts to deal damage and cut through the backline, GAM's momentum wanes as FNC wins the teamfight with an ACE.

27 minutes: FNC ends the match in the jungle with another ACE, securing a 2-0 victory over GAM!

Post-Game Data:


Game 1: FNC (Blue Side) vs GAM (Red Side)

Bans for FNC: Senna, NOC, Draven, Nautilus, Lulu

Picks for FNC: Oscarinin Ornn, Razork Vi, Humanoid Hwei, Noah Xayah, Jun Rakan

Bans for GAM: Lucian, Varus, Kalista, Azir, Taliyah

Picks for GAM: Kiaya The Card Master, Levi Maokai, Emo Tristana, EasyLove Zeri, Elio Rumble


Champion Runes

Match Summary:

4 minutes: Vi ganks top, and both players use their flash to execute The Card Master, with Vi securing the first blood.

8 minutes: Hwei catches Zeri in the bot lane, and FNC establishes a strong early advantage.

15 minutes: FNC forces a fight in the jungle, winning a 2-for-4 trade and securing victory in the teamfight.

22 minutes: GAM's three marksmen make a surprise play to steal the Baron, retreat safely, and continue to stall for time.

33 minutes: FNC takes the Elder Dragon and Baron, then pushes forward, eventually ending the match after some maneuvering.

Post-Game Data


Humanoid's Hwei achieves a 9/2/13 scoreline, earning the MVP title for the first game against GAM at the MSI, marking his first MVP of the tournament.

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