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Wade Son Of Flash Combat Sharing! | Evolutionary Gene Infinite Continuation

The never-ending attitude of evolution, through Dwyane Wade's entire legendary career, inspires every Young DWade to bravely pursue his dreams. As the eldest son, Zaire Wade was deeply influenced by his father. He also regards basketball as his true love and is determined to embark on a path of struggle of his own.

Even if you have to leave your father's wings, even if you have to monologue to face unknown challenges, the flash gene will be passed on. The Li-Ning brand and Wade and his son jointly presented the new team boots of the Wade series, the son of Wade Lightning, making a dazzling debut.

Summer is coming, choose to wear low-top basketball socks, which will be thinner than high-top elite socks. In the case of wearing low-cut basketball socks, the shoe last given by the Son of Lightning is still very tight, there is no extra space on the left and right, and the top and bottom are also pressed very flat, with a good fit. Both thin feet and normal feet can be worn, just buy according to the Li-Ning size you usually wear.

For slightly wider feet, because the hardness of the TPU on the side and the upturned rubber are not hard, there will be no feeling of pinching the feet, and it can be adapted after wearing a few games.

Dynamic wrapping is unexpected. From the price point of view, some people will put it in the category of Li Ning's low-end series. But in terms of dynamic package feeling, it is at least the level of mid-end shoes such as Wade All City and Sonic. Of course, it is indeed a mid-end shoe series. 

Son Of Flash, first of all, the main body of the upper material is relatively soft mesh. The hardness and placement of the reinforced hot-melt, plastic parts, and midsole upturn are very reasonable. Under the premise of ensuring the support strength of the upper, it will not cause foreign body sensation.

Coupled with a relatively thick inner lining, the upper can still maintain a comfortable and fitting state when it is bent, and it does not need to adapt, and the upper foot can get the best wrapping state.

In addition, the locking of the heel part is also very good, the sponge padding is relatively thick, and the interlining is rough enough, even if you wear low-top socks, there is no heel drop.

Midsole section, foot feel and cushioning. The front and rear "beng" are matched with the upper cloud structure. The foot feel of the front and rear soles is relatively uniform, which is hard and tough, and there is no obvious deformation when you step on it.

Arch support and torsion resistance, the arch support it gives is more soft support, relying on the insole, upper heat fusion and midsole materials to fit and support the arch. For normal arches, relying on these soft supports can fit the arches, and the arches do not feel suspended. In sports, the sneakers will not feel introverted.

The torsion resistance and foundation rigidity are sufficient, and the bending point guidance is very reasonable. For small weight, this kind of rigidity is very suitable. It can not only play a protective role without pulling the arch of the foot, but also release a certain degree of flexibility, allowing the sneaker to produce moderate deformation with lateral movement. However, for friends who are heavy and relatively rigid in sneakers, they may also suffer from insufficient strength after wearing TPU for a long time to attenuate.

Stable and flexible. The outline of the outsole of Wade Son Of Flash is rounded and a bit curved. It will not provide a very hard-core anti-rollover feeling, but more about releasing flexibility. In actual combat, it will indeed help lateral movement, especially when you need to quickly change your footsteps during defense. The curved outsole and the just-right rigidity of the midsole mentioned above can be like a universal wheel. Place direction quickly adapts to changes in footsteps.

Outsole part. The texture is very rough, a bit similar to badfive. There is no problem with the grip on the outdoor plastic ground. After four games of wear, only the fine lines on the surface have been worn away. It is roughly estimated that it can be used on the cement ground.

To sum up, Wade Son Of Flash is a pair of cost-effective masterpieces of Li-Ning's mid-range series. It has solid basic performance and durability, and is suitable for outfield players who pursue flexibility.

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