Li-Ning Wade All City 12 "Three Major Upgrades"!

Li-Ning Wade All City 12 "Three Major Upgrades"!

In the NBA regular season between the Lakers and the Pistons on November 30, 2023, D'Angelo Russell, the successor of "Wade's Way" in Wade's heart, finally wore the latest generation of Li-Ning Wade All City 12 .

A full year and a half has passed since the release of Wade All City 11. For a pair of actual basketball shoes, such an iteration cycle is actually not too short.

As the Chinese saying goes, "Work slowly and you can get fine products." After one and a half years of polishing, what kind of surprise can Li-Ning Wade All City 12 produce?

In fact, overall, the design language of All City 12 has not changed much. The most special change may be the emphasis on Wade’s rice-shaped logo on the side of the shoe. You can see the details and rich depictions.

In terms of color matching, this first pair of styles is named "Origin", and the design contains many African elements, such as the diamond-shaped texture of the tongue, which is a common clothing pattern among many tribes.

The heel is also decorated with a large number of such diamond patterns, and there is also crown embroidery on the handle ring to enrich the details.

If you look carefully, you can see that the upper has a shape similar to traditional hand-woven fabrics, which are common elements in African tribes. They contrast with the sci-fi text on the tag on the side of the shoe.

Wade's "rice" logo on the insole has also been cleverly reshaped, changing into a pattern similar to a tribal sacrificial mask, and the image of the exotic natives suddenly comes to mind.

After talking about the appearance, let’s focus on the “three major upgrades” brought by City 12.

The first major upgrade is the upper, which adopts a new three-stage design. Each material corresponds to the functional requirements of that area.

For example, the toe needs to be stronger, so densely woven mesh is used for protection; the shoe body needs to be breathable, so the material is lighter and thinner and can adapt to deformation during exercise; the leather on the heel serves as a stable Function.

The second major upgrade is the upgrade of the midsole keel drop.

This time, the keel drop of the City 12 is about 8mm. This shape is closer to the natural posture of the human body. At the same time, the curvature of the toe is reduced, making the pedal faster and increasing flexibility.

In terms of technology, it is still a full-length Beng, and at the same time, there is a circle of translucent soft rubber wrapping on the outside, which can maximize the rebound of the foam.

The last item is the upgrade of midfoot support technology, which can be seen through a small groove in the outsole. The special-shaped TPU embedded inside runs from the arch of the foot to the forefoot, and the bending position is notched to improve flexibility. At the same time, there are also Stronger boosting ability.

In general, All City 12 is specially designed for technical players, and its functionality focuses on lateral movement and change of direction. For golfers who are good at one-on-one and scoring, it can be compared to a "hacking artifact".

In addition to the original color matching of the first release, the other pair of black, white and red colors directly brings people back to ten years ago, and the classic temperament of the early Wade Way boots is exuded.

Sure enough, the Heat color scheme and Wade's boots are always the "best combination".

In addition, the material of this pair is also somewhat different from the original color scheme. For example, the toe cap is changed from woven fabric to a hot-melt layer covering, and the 12 neatly arranged ventilation holes are full of retro flavor.

The tongue is not only designed for Yuanyang, but also made of flash card material, with Wade's signature on one side and All City 12's Slogen on the other.

The huge Li Ning logo on the heel is the finishing touch. Many Wade Way boots have similar designs, which is very nostalgic.

Thanks to the two-color outsole, we can finally see the Easter eggs hidden in the outsole texture. The artistic font-like AC12 words represent All City 12.

Li-Ning Wade All City 12

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