Wade 808 4.0 Ultra

Li-Ning Unveils the Way of Wade 808 4.0 Ultra: A Bold Design Statement

Basketball enthusiasts who follow the renowned sports brand Li-Ning have been eagerly awaiting the return of the Way of Wade series. After a year of anticipation, the Way of Wade 11 has finally made its debut, and Li-Ning has marked the occasion with a special offline event that showcased not only the Way of Wade 11 but also a surprise new product: the Li-Ning Way of Wade 808 4.0 Ultra.

A New Chapter in the Way of Wade Saga

The Way of Wade 808 series, a crucial offshoot of the Way of Wade line, has quietly reached its fourth iteration. The Li-Ning Way of Wade 808 4.0 Ultra, with its fresh design language, appears to break away from its predecessors, drawing more closely on the aesthetics of the original Way of Wade 808. The shoe features smooth lines that hint at a return to the series' roots.

Innovative Design with a Nod to the Past

A standout feature of the 4.0 Ultra is the addition of a strap module at the midfoot area, enhancing the overall包裹性 (enclosure and support) and reminiscent of the strap design from the Way of Wade 808 second generation. This design choice can be seen as a continuation of the series' design legacy.

Classic Colorways for a Timeless Look

Images from the offline event reveal that Li-Ning has prepared a variety of classic color schemes for the Way of Wade 808 4.0 Ultra. Among them is the iconic "Manta Ray" colorway, a staple in the Way of Wade series and a clear indication that this shoe is highly anticipated. Although the initial exposure of the 4.0 Ultra's color schemes is limited in number, the quality is exceptional, especially for those who are interested in creating a unique mismatched (yin-yang) basketball shoe look.

A Peek at the Technical Specifications

While Li-Ning has not yet fully disclosed the specific configuration details of the Way of Wade 808 4.0 Ultra, leaked photos from the event show a sizable anti-torsion plate module in the arch area of the shoe, promising enhanced stability and performance.

Stealing the Spotlight

Although the Way of Wade 11 was the main attraction of the event, the Li-Ning Way of Wade 808 4.0 Ultra holds its own and does not pale in comparison. It represents a significant addition to the Way of Wade legacy and is a testament to Li-Ning's ongoing commitment to innovation and design excellence.

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Do we know if its a Dropin midsole ?

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