Li-Ning Super Light 2022

Li-Ning Super Light 2022 Review: The Swift Weapon for Agile Players

The Lightest of Them All

When it comes to lightweight basketball shoes, the Li-Ning Super Light 2022  immediately springs to mind. The name itself is a bold statement, and it's one that invites curiosity. Today, we'll dive into the real-game performance review of this shoe that's been making waves for its featherweight design.

Your Favorite Colorway?

I'd love to know your favorite colorway in the comments, but for me, aside from the initial blue release, it's the new Space Travel colorway that caught my eye. On September 20th, Li-Ning unveiled the "Chase the Dream" series, which includes three new colors inspired by their fashion show's theme of flight. The sleek black, white, and green colorways are designed with a celestial trajectory in mind.

The Space Travel Aesthetic

Li-Ning Super Light 2022 - Black/White

The pair I have features a pristine white base with subtle orange accents on the toe, offering a clean, versatile look with a pop of detail. The logo on the tongue has been replaced with a basketball, a detail that I find quite sleek. The heel, while appearing to be a bootie-style construction, is more of a design choice to prevent heel slippage rather than a true internal bootie.

The upper is made of a three-layer MONO mesh material, ensuring excellent breathability. The highlight is the carbon fiber cloth on the lateral side of the shoe, which provides the necessary rigidity and support. The midsole combines a BOOM (䨻) cushioning in the forefoot with Light Foam technology in the heel. My personal favorite, the ProBar Loc stability device, is featured in the arch of the shoe.

Outsole and Traction

The outsole is a durable rubber with a herringbone pattern, a design that's renowned for its grip. After measuring with a hardness tester, the result is around 70, indicating that it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. In terms of weight, a size 45 weighs approximately 396 grams, which is not the lightest shoe on the market, but it's certainly up there.

Performance and Fit

I'm 183 cm tall and weigh 160 pounds, with a playing style that's 80% driving and 20% shooting. I enjoy competing for rebounds and initiating second chances. With my profile in mind, let's see how the Li-Ning Super Light 2022 performs on the court.

For me, with a narrow foot type, low instep, and flat arches, the size 45 fits well, but the last is a bit narrow and low, causing some pressure on the instep when not in motion. 

The Li-Ning logo area, due to the built-in reinforcement, may cause some discomfort on the Achilles' tendon, but this varies from person to person. Wearing thicker basketball socks can help alleviate this issue. The overall center of gravity is lower in the front and higher in the back, which is ideal for players who rely on quick breaks.

Wrapping and Support

The wrapping is top-notch, with the carbon fiber cloth on the exterior providing rigidity during lateral movements, keeping your foot securely in place for a comfortable and stable feel. The anti-roll design, thanks to the low forefoot center of gravity and the ample extension of the anti-roll angle on the exterior, prevents any flipping issues.


The BOOM cushioning in the forefoot is close to the ground, offering a strong sense of the court with minimal thickness and a slight rebound. The Light Foam in the heel is just right for my weight, but it might not be sufficient for heavier players. 

The grip is solid, breathability is excellent, and the anti-twist feature is great. The shoe offers a one-piece feel with the foot, allowing for quick and responsive movements. Overall, it's a great choice for players with a medium build who are looking for speed and court feel, or those who love to drive.


The Li-Ning Super Light 2022 is a clean and versatile shoe with a design that's simple yet aggressive. However, it's not the best fit for those with wide feet or high insteps.

What's Next?

If you have any other shoes you'd like to see reviewed, drop a comment, and I'll make it happen.


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