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Li-Ning "Liren 3 V2" Basketball Shoes Review: A Nostalgic Return to the Court

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Recall the days of your college basketball passion when the lack of professional gear, or even a simple pair of sneakers, couldn't deter your love for the game. Fast forward to the present, where your shoe rack might boast limited edition basketball shoes, yet the memory of your last sweat-drenched session on the court has faded.

Introducing the Li-Ning "Liren 3 V2"

Today, I'm excited to share a new favorite in my collection—the Li-Ning "Liren 3 V2" basketball shoe. With the new shoes in hand, it's time to hit the court and put them through their paces.

A Spectrum of Choices

Although the "Liren" series has progressed to its fourth generation, the success of the "Liren 3" still shines bright. Following the spotlight on the high-top version, anticipation builds for the "Liren 3 V2."

The "Liren 3 V2" offers an impressive eight colorways, providing a wide array of options. However, I opted for the most understated option, the white pearl, for the versatility that white offers, unmatched by other colors.

Innovative Outsole

The outsole features Li-Ning's full-length "Beng" technology with TUFF RB rubber, incorporating the "Liren" logo in a radial herringbone pattern for enhanced grip. This design promises high wear resistance and anti-slip properties, making it suitable for asphalt courts as well. A subtle nod to the shoe's tech specs is hidden within the outsole, serving as a delightful Easter egg.

Upgraded Upper

The most noticeable upgrade from its predecessor is the upper. The "Liren 3 V2" boasts a full upper made of BOOM FIBER, which is lighter and more breathable than TPU, with enhanced durability. The long-term performance of the upper's tightness after extended wear remains to be seen, but for those with slender feet and lighter weight, it should suffice.

The shoe's last is on the slim side, which may not be ideal for those with wider feet. The toe box offers ample space, ensuring a snug fit without the feeling of constriction.

Enhanced Support

Addressing the mid-cut support concerns of the "Liren" series, the V2 adds TPU plates on both the inner and outer sides, approximately at the third and fourth lace holes. This addition significantly improves the shoe's anti-roll capabilities.

The sides of the shoe feature a double-layered, long, hard TPU wrap that not only offers stability and anti-roll performance but also adds a touch of elegance with its gradient color.

Low-Cut Mastery

As a representative of the "Liren" series' low-cut basketball shoes, the V2 lowers the center of gravity, with a high enough TPU wrap around the heel and ample padding for a snug fit. The small tag on the heel displays the Li-Ning and "Liren 3" logos, each unique to the left and right foot.

Ankle Comfort

The tongue of the "Liren 3 V2" is exceptionally thin, yet the interior is filled with a textured, three-dimensional sponge pattern, ensuring comfort around the ankle without any (foreign object sensation). The gradient "Liren" logo on the tongue adds a touch of flair, taking away from the simplicity.

Torsion Resistance

A manual test of the shoe's torsional resistance reveals its strength, thanks to the TPU wrap that runs along the sides of the shoe. The firmness when pressing down on the toe box is evident.

Peeling back the supercritical foam insole reveals a double-layered anti-torsion plate embedded within the mesh midsole. A firm press confirms its impressive rigidity.

On-Court Experience

I found the "Liren 3 V2" to be lightweight and breathable, an irresistible comfort for the spring and summer seasons.

Upon first wear, the snug heel wrap and correct sizing ensured a secure fit without any heel slipping. The low-cut design and reduced heel height provided a smooth transition from heel to toe during movement, with natural power transfer and stable landing.

For a small guard like myself, the "Liren 3 V2" offered a slightly quicker start and excellent flexibility during acceleration and direction changes, providing a sense of freedom.

The generous use of TPU in the shoe's construction ensures reliable support and anti-roll capabilities, essential for a guard who relies on quick directional changes.

Although the "Liren 3 V2" is a low-cut shoe, it's not exclusive to guards. Its flexibility makes it suitable for agile forwards as well, offering a combination of shooting and driving versatility.

The TUFF RB rubber outsole demonstrated excellent grip on the rubber court, promising similar performance indoors. Even on asphalt, the shoe performed well, provided the surface wasn't dusty.

For a small guard, the ability to jump and land safely is crucial. The "Liren 3 V2" provided a reassuring sense of security during vertical jumps, with the TPU wrap offering excellent protection against rolls.

Price and Recommendation

Priced at around $160, the "Liren 3 V2" is a flexible low-cut basketball shoe that doesn't compromise on support, breathability, or durability. It's highly recommended for agile guards looking for a shoe that can keep up with their quick movements.

In conclusion, the Li-Ning "Liren 3 V2" is a worthy successor to the classic high-top "Liren 3," offering a blend of technology and performance that's hard to ignore. Whether you're a nostalgic player looking to get back on the court or a guard in need of a reliable low-cut shoe, the "Liren 3 V2" is a solid choice.

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