Kyrie Irving x Anta Shock Wave 5 - Inheritance

Irving Same Style | Anta Shock Wave 5 "Inheritance"

With Anta officially announcing Irving's joining, our long-awaited "Where Is Irving Going" series has officially come to an end.

It can be seen that in the pictures announced by Anta, Irving is wearing two pairs of basketball shoes, Shock Wave 5 Pro and Shock Wave 5.

A few days ago, Irving also officially completed his debut in the "Drew League" wearing Shock Wave 5 Pro, and easily won a luxurious triple-double of 20+13+11.

Since this game, Irving has also become the first NBA player to score a triple-double in the history of the Drew League. Could this be the mysterious oriental power? !

After the game, Klay Thompson, who is also the spokesperson of the Anta brand, also reposted Irving's photo and wrote: "We really do in it big out here!"

Portis of the Bucks was photographed by the media, also wearing Shock Wave 5 for training.

It has to be said that a heavy inside player who is more than two meters tall and weighs more than two hundred catties wears these defender shoes. Irving's ability to sell goods is really good!

It can be said that the "Shock Wave Series" has been recognized by NBA players, and its actual combat performance must not be underestimated.

So today, I bring you this pair of "Irving same style" Anta Shock Wave 5 unboxing + foot experience, brothers must read it!

Irving's same style combat boots
The technology configuration is directly piled up

This time I bring you the Shock Wave 5 "Inheritance" color scheme, which is also the same color scheme as Irving in Anta's official photo.

The entire pair of shoes is decorated with large areas of white and silver, supplemented by colorful decorations, presenting a gorgeous visual effect.

In terms of material, the upper technology of dynamic line group is adopted, which not only ensures breathability, but also closely fits the foot surface, which is very useful in actual combat.

The tongue is presented in the form of a mandarin duck. The DNA spiral pattern and the Chinese word "inheritance" perfectly integrate classical oriental elements with modern design.

With the blessing of the front and rear elastic inner system, it can realize the perfect linkage of the front and back palms, making you more flexible in sports.

Coupled with the locking structure of the heel part, the entire foot can get a full range of wrapping.

The extra-thick heel padding design will not cause the heel to drop when the shoelaces are tightened.

The segmented scale texture TPU on the side of the shoe provides strong support for the entire side wall. The darker the color, the higher the hardness, reaching Shore hardness of 75A, 85A and 45D respectively. The hardest part is almost as safe as The strength of the cap is comparable.

It endows the flexible breakthrough ability of the forefoot, the support and anti-torsion performance of the midfoot, and the stable landing effect of the heel.

In terms of midsole configuration, the dual combination of TPU and carbon plates, as well as the large anti-rollover angle design, can provide excellent protection even in high-intensity sports battles.

A TPU accelerator film is also specially added inside the forefoot, which can give the forefoot the flexibility to break through through force transmission.

Coupled with Shock Wave 5's adjusted and resilient nitrogen insole + full-length nitrogen technology, it can bring more rapid rebound and stable shock absorption effects in actual combat.

Finally, the outsole is still Anta's "Cement Buster" rubber, which can be used with confidence in terms of grip and wear resistance, and there is no pressure to play in the outfield.

handsome and capable
Help you become the highlight of the stadium

When it comes to the upper part of the foot, you can first feel the excellent breathability brought by the Shock Wave 5 large mesh upper, and the wrapping is also stable.

The low-top design perfectly liberates the ankles, and the ultra-low center of gravity is matched with the extremely tough midsole cushioning adjustment, so that the quick start will not be sloppy. Coupled with the strong lateral support provided by the TPU on the side of the shoe, it is very suitable for the breakthrough party with more disguise.

Real pictures on feet

In terms of appearance, the refreshing color matching with silver is simply the first choice for summer feet.

The complex line design and colorful decoration add a strong sense of hierarchy to the shoe body.

Finally, personally test the size standard, you can choose to start according to your own size.

Sale information

At present, Anta Shock Wave 5 has been fully launched, of which Irving's "inheritance" color matching is priced at $199.99.

Kyrie Irving x Anta Shock Wave 5 - Inherited

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Kyrie Irving x Anta Shock Wave 5 - Magic Potion

Kyrie Irving x Anta Shock Wave 5 - First Year

Kyrie Irving x Anta Shock Wave 5 - Saltation

Kyrie Irving x Anta Shock Wave 5 - Gold/White

Kyrie Irving x Anta Shock Wave 5 - Decomposition

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