Kyrie Irving x Anta Shock Wave 5

Kyrie Irving x Anta Shock Wave 5 Basketball Shoes Review: Evolution on the Court

The Perfect Fit for Every Player

The saying goes, "a thousand people have a thousand feet," and when it comes to basketball shoes, finding the right fit is crucial. In this review, we're taking an objective look at the highly anticipated Anta Shock Wave 5, a shoe designed for the court and the summer heat.

First Impressions and Aesthetics

As we kick off this review, let's start with the aesthetics. The Anta Shock Wave 5 comes in many colorways, and we're curious to know which one our viewers prefer. Traditionally, we rate the look of a shoe on a scale of 1-5; we'll let you be the judge of where this model stands.

Unboxing and Design Updates

Without further ado, let's dive into the unboxing and see how the "Shock Wave 5" compares to its predecessor, the "Shock Wave 4." The US9 size of the new model weighs in at 400g, which is nearly identical to the last version.

While the overall silhouette remains familiar, Anta has added numerous details to the upper. The asymmetrical lacing system is a standout feature, and the inner leather material from the previous model has been upgraded to engineered mesh with heat pressing, retaining the dynamic line group upper technology.

Enhanced Upper and Support

A significant update comes in the form of a dynamic lacing loop that runs through the inner boot and tongue for enhanced lateral support and a secure fit. The shoe's framework introduces a tri-colored, three-hardness support piece that is integrated and connected, offering flexibility in the forefoot, rigidity in the midfoot for anti-torsion, and firm support in the heel.

Innovative Midsole Technology

The "Shock Wave 5" sees a notable upgrade in the midsole area with a double-layered nitrogen-infused technology. The full-palm nitrogen midsole is paired with a nitrogen-infused sockliner, providing a responsive and cushioned feel. The carbon fiber support plate has been adjusted to sit closer to the arch of the foot, offering enhanced support and anti-torsion rigidity.

Performance-Driven Design

Targeted at players who excel at directional changes, the "Shock Wave 5" features an acceleration plate in the forefoot, aiming to improve the responsiveness and unity of lateral movements during gameplay.

Outsole and Traction

The outsole retains the "Cement Killer" rubber compound but with an updated pattern combination and layering. The top layer features fine纹路 (patterns/grooves) for better grip, the second layer consists of thick, widely spaced triangular patterns derived from herringbone, and the deepest layer uses fine wavy patterns in the groove areas for enhanced traction.


The Anta "Shock Wave 5" is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and performance in basketball footwear. With a design that caters to the dynamic needs of the modern player and a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, this shoe is ready to make a splash on the court. Whether you're a fan of the original "Shock Wave" series or new to Anta's basketball lineup, the "Shock Wave 5" is a model worth considering.

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