Recommended eight most popular badminton shoes

Recommended eight most popular badminton shoes

 To choose a suitable pair of badminton shoes, you must first confirm the shape and size of your feet. The shoes you buy must fit your feet, and then choose badminton shoes with different prices and characteristics according to your playing characteristics.

Shoe Last type (generally divided into three types):
2.0 shoe last, a narrow last (Egyptian foot)
2.5 shoe last, which is a normal shoe last (Greek foot)
3.0 shoe last, which is a wide last (Roman foot)

Narrow lasts are relatively rare; choose normal shoe lasts for normal foot widths, and wide shoe lasts for wide feet.

Choose according to function:
1. Focus on protection: Mainly aimed at those with heavy weight and used for daily playing. This type of badminton shoes are stable badminton shoes;
2. Focus on speed: Mainly aimed at small weights and competition scenarios, this type of badminton shoes are speed badminton shoes;
3. Balanced performance: Taking into account both startup speed and protection, it is a type that takes into account all aspects and is relatively ordinary in all aspects. It is suitable for normal weight and daily golf use.

Recommended eight most popular badminton shoes

P9200TD-AH 巭gū     Saga II Lite

Dagger 4                    Invincible Ace

Ranger 6.0                 Power Cushion 65

Blade DF-01 Pro        LeiTing

1. P9200TD-AH 巭gū

Color: AH white, CX black gold, FQ jewelry blue/rose red
Upper: PU synthetic leather + breathable mesh
Midsole: EVA+ENERGYMAX energy pad+nylon stabilizing sheet
Outsole: Rubber

Victor professional badminton shoes P9200TD-AH 巭gū have a breathable mesh layer and linear breathable openings to provide good breathability. Highly elastic EVA+ENERGYMAX energy pad combination provides excellent cushioning performance. Nylon stabilizing sheet enhances torsional resistance and improves overall stability. 4E width, basic sneakers suitable for most people's foot shapes.

2. Saga II Lite

Color: White/black, black, black/bright green/orange, orange pink/white, standard white, white/blue
Upper: Textile+TPU+synthetic leather
Midsole: Phylon midsole + TPU
Outsole: Rubber

The toe of this professional badminton training shoe is designed with thickened rubber and a slightly curved design, which protects the toes and reduces sports injuries. The fabric tongue is refreshing and breathable, and fits the instep comfortably. The upper is designed with contrasting colors, which is fashionable and eye-catching, highlighting the dynamic vitality. The overall look is very bright and fits well and is comfortable. The sole is neither soft nor hard, has good wrapping properties, and feels very solid when worn during exercise.

3. Invincible Ace


Color:Snow camouflage
Upper: Textile + synthetic leather
Midsole: EVA + carbon fiber plate
Outsole: rubber

Li-Ning Invincible Ace cushioning and non-slip badminton professional competition shoes adopt simple color matching, simple and elegant, fashionable and versatile. Combined with current trends, it uses geometric structure techniques to reinterpret the classic, retro and fashionable appearance design to facilitate flexible transitions on and off the court. Use TUFF TIP wear-resistant material to improve the wear resistance of the toe, reduce premature wear of the upper, and extend the service life of the shoe. A large area of leather combined with strong mesh and an external TPU support structure at the collar provides excellent upper wrapping and support, and comfortably wraps your feet. Forefoot BOUNSE + backfoot Li Ningyun combined with a large-area carbon fiber plate in the midsole provide excellent cushioning and rebound while effectively resisting torsion.

4. Dagger 4

Color: Standard white, black, light jade green, apricot color
Upper: Textile + synthetic leather
Midsole: PHYLON midsole + TPU + EVA
Outsole: Rubber

Dagger 4 badminton professional competition shoes adopt simple color matching, simple and elegant, fashionable and versatile. The newly developed outsole and midsole are made of LIGHTFOAM combined with the special physical material of the heel, which provides excellent cushioning and effectively reduces the weight of the shoe body. Upgraded shoe last design tightens the upper and provides an excellent wrapping feel. The integrated weaving of the shoe body combined with the partial MONO yarn design reduces the weight of the shoe body while maintaining good breathability. The anti-rollover design of the midsole provides stability when moving at multiple angles in badminton.

5. Ranger 6.0

Color: White, red, black
Upper: Synthetic leather + textile + TPU
Midsole: Phyion
Outsole: Rubber

Ranger 6.0 uses a bionic flower sole to ensure the grip of the sole. A wear-resistant coating is added to the inside of the toe cap, which has good wear resistance. The triangular film support structure of the upper can provide better support. There is an M letter on the heel. The TPU support effectively strengthens the stability and support of the ankle, and the heel is very stable; the bionic shading of the outsole has good grip, and the midsole is cloud shock-absorbing.

6. Power Cushion 65

Color: White
Upper: Artificial leather
Midsole: Synthetic resin
Outsole: Rubber sole

In order to improve the wrapping of this all-around shoe, a new seamless upper design is used based on the traditional synthetic leather upper. The new seamless upper uses a heat-pressed process between the synthetic leather and the overlay to create a seamless construction that minimizes material overlap. This relieves pressure when the shoe flexes, making the shoe more comfortable. The side armor protection design is installed near the ankle to provide a firm lock for the ankle. Additionally, the outsole features a radial paddle outsole design reminiscent of a Ninja Star pattern, providing traction for sudden vertical, horizontal and diagonal movements.

A hot-pressing process is used between the artificial leather and the film to create a seamless structure, eliminating the height difference in the overlapping areas. The overlapping of materials is reduced to a minimum and seamless construction is used over a wide area to eliminate pressure on the foot and achieve a soft wrapping feel. The high-grip outsole developed for high-speed steps can instantly brake during sprinting or emergency stops and play an anti-slip role. The heel is equipped with a specially shaped power pad+, designed to absorb the impact of flexible footwork. Based on the power pad, it further evolves to high performance. Achieve high shock absorption and rebound properties.

7. Blade DF-01 Pro

Color: Standard white, navy blue, cherry blossom pink, standard white/black, standard white/red flame red
Upper: Artificial leather + sandwich mesh + thermal film
Midsole: Phylon midsole + TPU + carbon fiber
Outsole: Rubber outsole

The Blade DF-01 Pro series are EG-SHAPE Egyptian foot-shaped sneakers. The characteristics of the Egyptian foot are that the big toe is the longest and gradually gets shorter from the big toe to the little toe. Most Asians have Egyptian feet. Blade PRO adopts a newly developed sole, with full-length Li-Ning Cloud BOUNSE+ technology in the front, and Li-Ning Haze technology for quick feedback on the ground and full heel filling, reducing the landing impact after jumping. The arch carbon plate combined with TPU bracket enhances stability and resistance to torsion. The upper is made of low-elongation microfiber leather material, which is soft and comfortable on the foot. It bends more flexibly and is surrounded by TPU on the heel to reinforce stability.

8. LeiTing

Color: Fluorescent pink, black, standard white/black, bad little purple, standard white
Upper: Synthetic leather + textile
Midsole: PHYLON midsole + TPU + mid-bridge carbon plate
Outsole: Solid rubber

Li-Ning LeiTing professional badminton shoes feature full-length LIGHT FOAM technology to reduce sole weight. Front BOUNSE+ high rebound material enhances pedaling feedback and allows for easy rebound. Li Ning's "䨻" flick technology at the rear of the midsole uses a lightweight and low-density midsole to provide a lightweight and fast experience and effectively improve the cushioning performance of the rear palm, providing sufficient cushioning and a surging feeling underfoot. The upper is mainly made of microfiber leather to enhance the support and wrapping of the shoe body. The heel leather molding process enhances the stability of the heel and makes it more three-dimensional. Use TUFFTIP wear-resistant material to improve the wear resistance of the toe and reduce premature wear of the upper. The segmented outsole, large-area TPU bridge in the arch and built-in carbon fiber plate design have good toughness, shock resistance, and dual torsion resistance; combined with the PROBAR LOC device, it further improves stability and assists sports performance. The shoe body is designed with multiple breathable punching holes and mid-waist woven material to provide better breathability, making it more refreshing and comfortable to wear.

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