Recommended badminton rackets recognized as suitable for beginners in 2024

Recommended badminton rackets recognized as suitable for beginners in 2024

Badminton rackets are generally divided into three types: offensive, balanced, and defensive. The main characteristics of the offensive type are that the head of the racket is heavier and the speed of killing the ball is faster; the balanced type is both defensive and offensive, and the weight of the handle and the head is relatively balanced; the defensive type is a racket that focuses on defense, and the handle is generally heavier than the head. This speeds up reaction swing speed.

The balance point is generally 285mm. The balance point ≤285mm is a defensive badminton racket, the balance point ≥285mm is an offensive badminton racket, and the balance point = 285 is an offensive and defensive badminton racket. Generally, it is recommended for beginners to choose balanced shooting.

There are usually some letters and numbers on the handle or shaft.

The G+ number indicates the thickness of the racket handle. The general range is G2-G5. The larger the number, the thinner the racket handle. For novices, it is recommended to choose a thin handle instead of a thick handle. In fast swings, a thin handle is better for exerting force. If you choose a racket with a handle that is too thick, the badminton racket will fall out of your hand easily.

The number + U indicates the weight of the racket. The most common ones are 3U and 4U, but there are also 2U, 5U and 6U. The larger the number, the smaller the quality. 3U is 85-89g, 4U is 80-84g. If you have good grip and strength, you can choose 3U, which can better reflect your own advantages; if you have small strength, you can choose 4U or 5U, which has a good swing feel.

The number + LBS (pounds) indicates how much tension the racket can withstand. A better racket can reach 30lbs+, and the normal racket is 28lbs. But there is no need to pursue high poundage, because for novices, low to medium poundage (under 23 pounds) is enough. A high-pound racket is more conducive to controlling the ball because the string is pulled tighter, but the elasticity is smaller. The opposite is true for a low-pound racket. Therefore, some professionals and masters will generally pull the string down to more than 28 pounds. For beginners, , it is advisable to pull it to 22/23/24 pounds. The higher the poundage, the tighter the string is pulled, and the elasticity of the racket surface is small, making it difficult for novices to control the ball.

Recommended badminton rackets suitable for beginners
1. Victor Challenger CHA-9500 (offensive type)

Victor Challenger CHA-9500, as an entry-level racket, is the best-selling entry-level badminton racket and has a certain reputation. The latest upgraded model CHA-9500 D/S has faster swing speed, better-looking paint, thinner frame and less wind resistance. This badminton racket is made of all-carbon material. The racket is light in weight, has good strength and toughness, has excellent elasticity, and has a good feel. A full-carbon badminton racket is not expensive, but carbon fiber is also divided into three grades: ordinary carbon fiber, high-quality Rigid carbon fiber, ultra-high rigidity carbon fiber. Compared with rackets of the same price range, it is more cost-effective. It is the best recommendation for entry-level rackets and is very suitable for novices to use.

Summary: This badminton racket is light and easy to use. It is a badminton racket with a soft mid-range, which saves effort and makes it easier to play! The softer the mid-pole, the greater the deformation. You can use the rebound force of the mid-pole to make hitting the ball easier! A racket with a hard mid-shaft will deform less and release the ball faster, making it suitable for golfers with strength and explosiveness!

2. Yonex NR7000i (balanced type)

The Yonex NR7000i is the best choice for beginners. The racket is lightweight, stable, and fast. This racquet is very maneuverable and flexible, despite the stiffer shaft. However, it will be a little difficult to control the direction of the ball at first, and you need to get used to it. Compared with other rackets, the lob feels good and the racket responds very quickly. Once you get started, you will be very handy in defense. Because of the structure and lightweight design of the racket, and also because of the rapid response of the racket, you feel that you can predict the incoming ball very well, and your ability to save the ball in front of the net is also improved. Quite impressive.

Summary: This racket feels good in the hand, and the elasticity in the middle pole is very good. The 3u racket is very flexible, and it is easy to pump and pull the ball without effort. It's a little bit worse at smashing the ball, and the racket head can't borrow any force, but the mid-pole has good elasticity, the speed won't be much different, and it feels better at medium to high poundage.

3. Victor Thruster TK-HMR-M (offensive type)

  • Grip Size: G5  
  • Weight: 4U 
  • Stiffness: Flexible
  • Balance: Head heavy
  • Frame: Graphite+Resin+Fiber Reinforced System(FRS)
  • Shaft: Graphite+Resin+7.0 SHAFT

Victor Thruster TK-HMR-M is an offensive series of rackets with a body length of 675mm. It is a new high-pound attack racket that enhances the driving performance of the racket head. It adopts a box-shaped structure design to effectively improve the stability and torsion resistance when hitting the ball. It can withstand higher string weights; the power slot design stores the force applied when swinging the racket, and amplifies it when hitting the ball, creating greater destructive power. It is known as the assault hammer. Newly upgraded strength, the strong lamination system can strengthen the rigidity of the racket frame, obtain high poundage bearing capacity, and be more powerful.

Summary: This racket is very light. It is a badminton racket that is very suitable for beginners (especially girls). It is hard to find at the same price/performance ratio. The workmanship is very good, the touch is very delicate, the string is good, the appearance is good, and it is very eye-catching. . In terms of hitting the ball, the middle shaft is hard and the head is heavy. It is an offensive racket. The vibration is not very strong when hitting the ball and the cushioning effect is obvious, so it is very labor-saving. It is a great entry-level tool for beginners. It is highly recommended.

4. Li-Ning HC1100 (balanced type)

Li-Ning HC1100 is a badminton racket suitable for beginners. Resetting the elastic torsion angle can ensure the racket's high elasticity. At the moment of hitting the ball, even if the hitting point is offset from the center, with the assistance of the reset elastic torsion angle technology, a high-quality return can be created. The mechanically optimized racket frame not only increases the area of the sweet spot, but also expands the sweet spot upward, creating a more efficient defensive system. The mechanically optimized racket frame can expand the effective defensive area when facing fierce smashes. With the expansion of the string bed area, the rebound force of the racket surface is enhanced, and the ball speed is increased.

Summary: The performance of this racket is relatively balanced, the appearance is good, the middle shaft is soft and easy to use, the racket head misses, the swing is effortless, easy to use, suitable for novice girls who mainly play ball control and defense, for those who like It is not suitable for friends who play offensive style.

5. Li-Ning Lightning 3000 (balanced type)

The Li-Ning Rapid 3000 is a sweet-water racket with a balance of offense and defense. It has a soft spring mid-bar, a large racket surface, a low balance point, and a thin middle tube. It is a brand of professional racket that is super comfortable to play. The performance of the racket is relatively comprehensive. It can be played in the front, middle and backcourts, and can be used in singles and doubles. The racket is strong and impact-resistant, easy to get started, and easy to use. It is suitable for novices to practice. Due to the soft bounce of the mid-shot, there is a sense of unloading force when smashing the ball. It is suitable for ball control, but not suitable for offensive play.

Summary: This racket is suitable for beginners to use, and the color is beautiful. For patients who control appearance, this racket is really loved. It has a large sweet spot, high fault tolerance rate, and is easy for novices to use.

The above are recommended badminton rackets suitable for beginners. For novices, it is recommended to choose carbon fiber or carbon badminton rackets. These rackets are light in weight, high in strength, and very durable. Don’t blindly pursue expensive ones, but choose ones that meet your feel requirements.

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