(Classic sneakers) Anta Z-UP 1 All-Star Program

(Classic sneakers) Anta Z-UP 1 All-Star Program

For long-term development and continuous expansion of brand influence, Anta has created the "Z-UP Plan" (Z Power) with many NBA players.

The name "Z-UP" comes from the word Generation Z, which is an Internet buzzword and refers to people born between 1995 and 2009. They have been seamlessly connected to the Internet information age since they were born, and are greatly influenced by digital information technology, instant messaging devices, and smart phone products.

Z-UP 1 is different from Anta's signature Thompson series, which adopts a low-cut design. The upper is made of lightweight materials such as fabric + PP film + synthetic leather, and a large number of TPU yarns are cross-covered to improve the strength of the upper. The tongue is made of soft mesh material, which is comfortable to fit and has good air permeability. At the same time, a reflective coating printing process is adopted, which can produce a reflective effect under certain light irradiation. The toe cap is equipped with hot-melt reinforcement, and the Anta logo on the big toe and the dotted 3M reflective embellishment and reinforcement are embellished and reinforced to protect the big toe.

The most conspicuous thing about the upper of Z-UP 1 is Anta’s latest Harness Line locking system. The outer high-strength drawstring is matched with a 270° wraparound strap, which can be locked in one step with a light pull, and can accommodate almost any foot shape. The tightening belt is printed with a scale, and the locking degree of the upper can be adjusted according to the scale to ensure that the shoelaces have the same tightness every time the shoelaces are tightened, and the technology is full of visual sense.

The midsole of Z-UP 1 is a collection of Anta's highest technology configuration: nitroedge technology insole + midfoot carbon fiber anti-torque piece + solitary nylon piece + full palm ammonia technology midsole. The full-length nitroedge technology midsole and the nitroedge technology insole form a luxurious double-layer nitrogen midsole, which has excellent cushioning and quick rebound, and a first-class foot feel, which is conducive to players' emergency stops and quick starts. The mid-foot carbon fiber anti-torsion sheet + curved nylon sheet double-layer anti-torsion makes the shoe body more stable and the transition between the front and back soles is smooth, ensuring the stability of the soles of the feet when shooting.

The outsole of Z-UP 1 is made of water ripple crystal transparent material, which is comfortable to wear, wear-resistant and cushioning, and has strong grip.

The tongue is embellished with ZUP 1's exclusive Logo, the letter Z is designed as a leaping dragon, and the tail is an arrow representing UP. It means that this pair of basketball shoes is specially made for young players of "Generation Z".

Anta's "Z-UP" players Terrence Mann and Daniel Gafford also got their feet on Z-UP 1 for the first time. Excellent performance also helped Mann get a good result.

Anta Z-UP1 Low All Round - On the Cloud

Anta Z-UP1 Low All Round - Pilot

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