Basketball Shoes for Jumpers - Anta Skyline

Basketball Shoes for Jumpers - Anta Skyline

Trial sharing: Jocelyn (181cm, 75kg, US10.5)

1: The configuration is full
Equipped with the latest Anta "Nitroedge Technology", the cushioning rebound is enough for a weight above 90kg.

Anta Skyline 1 puts on the feet, and you will not feel the soft springy feeling immediately. But when playing, running and jumping is very easy. The soft bouncy feeling is still there the next day.

2: anti-torsion + boost + arch support
Thanks to this super-large special-shaped TPU sheet from the inside and the outside, the torsion resistance, boost and arch support are all improved.

Torsion resistance: It is the most basic function of TPU film. The inner layer and the outer layer, like the Anta ZUP1 generation, use double torsion resistance!

Arch support: The design extends to the inside and slightly turns up. For a person like me with a normal arch (neither high nor low), this shoe can obviously feel the support of the arch; but the low arch Friends suggest that it is safer to try in the store before buying.

3: Not bad wear resistance
On the painted asphalt field, basically play basketball for half an hour every night, plus commuting during the day, walking and cycling, the wear resistance of the rubber outsole is not bad.

4: Bounce performance is boosted
When other bloggers commented on Skyline 1, they said that it is suitable for jumping players, and it is true from personal experience; but don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that you can jump higher when you wear it. But this shoe is really suitable for players who jump more on the court.

The hard feedback of the midsole is naturally good, but it is also necessary to consider whether the knee can bear it when it lands; the midsole is too soft and suitable for walking, but it will lose force when playing the ball; This time, the adjustment of Anta Nitroedge Technology is generally flexible, and it is well neutralized between soft and hard.

The tpu ejection piece in the midsole and the curved outsole can both play a very good role; I like to shoot when I play, and I feel very smooth and comfortable every time I take off, and my friend’s 90kg weight will not shake his knees when he lands.

Anta Skyline 1

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