Anta KT6's most Chinese-style color scheme is on sale!

Anta KT6's most Chinese-style color scheme is on sale!

Anta released a new low version of Anta KT6, and brought a very Chinese-style "black and white ink" color matching in the first batch of color matching. This color scheme is one of Anta's most classic color schemes, and it has been used on Anta KT5 as early as. Recently, Anta brought this classic color scheme to the high-top version of Anta KT6.
The upper part of the KT6 "black and white ink" color matching realizes the blend of black and white color matching: the main part of the upper of the sneakers uses black as the basic color matching. What is special is that black and white are closely integrated. The most direct manifestation is the midsole of the sneakers, which uses a design similar to inkjet ink.

This pair of Anta KT6 "black and white ink" color scheme makes people seem to see ink paintings made on a piece of white rice paper, which is very Chinese style.

The upper part is designed with a textured surface material. The use of this textured surface material can effectively ensure the overall breathability of the sneakers. The toughness of this textured surface material is quite good, which can bring a certain upper support performance to this pair of sneakers.

On the front of the shoe body, there is a strap design that runs through the entire shoe body, the purpose is to improve the overall wrapping performance of the sneakers. It is also worth mentioning that, unlike the KT6 in other colors, the straps on this pair of sneakers are translucent. Through the strap module of the sneakers, you can vaguely see the lace system of the sneakers.

The front of the shoe body is equipped with Anta's new 3D HUG stable support module: a TPU support piece with a large area extending from the heel of the sneaker to the toe of the sneaker, which brings the ultimate upper to this pair of sneakers. The support performance prevents the sneakers from turning over in actual combat.

There is a mountain-shaped TPU module on the inner side of the shoe at the heel. This specially shaped TPU support piece has a very large upturn range, which can further improve the support performance of this pair of sneakers.

The midsole part is equipped with Anta's own brand new ALTI-FLASH midsole cushioning technology, which provides cushioning and rebound.

For the outsole part, the outsole made of rubber material is supplemented by water ripple design to ensure the overall grip performance of the sneakers.

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