A "Dark Night Storm" for Klay Thompson

A "Dark Night Storm" for Klay Thompson

How long have you not seen the three-point rain in the Golden State Arena?

Don't panic, at least for now we can enjoy this "dark night storm" first.

As a well-known classic color of Anta's KT series, the KT6 of the "Dark Night Storm" color is also officially on sale.

The sneakers are mainly black as a whole, which looks very solemn, just like Klay Thompson, low-key and calm.


On the Velcro, the red and blue gradient three-point rain gesture embellishment perfectly echoes the theme, and the classic slogan of "make it rain" also appears here.

The most eye-catching design of the whole pair of shoes is undoubtedly the red and blue gradient 3D HUG stabilization module, which is like an elf in the dark night, ghostly and charming.

For friends from the actual party, this time I finally waited for a KT6 with a rubber outsole. Such a thick rubber outer side is enough for everyone to enjoy the outfield.

The midsole of 3D HUG, CARBON FIBER, ALTI FLASH+SMART S.A.M, and this very stable mountain-shaped water ripple outsole combined into a 6-core "3D FLOW" system makes it the most stable existence. 

Anta Klay Thompson Kt6 - Dark Night Storm

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