Anta KT "The Mountain 2.0"

$100 Review Of The Most Cost-effective Combat Shoes | Anta KT "The Mountain 2.0"

The entire shoe shape of Anta KT "The Mountain 2.0" is smoother, with gradient low-saturation color matching and high-strength mesh upper, paired with TPU, and the visual experience is very good.

A single shoe weighing less than 400 grams is also very rare in Anta's product line. On the basis of the relatively strong performance of the previous work, the lightweight shoe can be made into a shoe weighing less than 400g. And this generation still retains Anta’s distinctive landscape style element design.

The shoelace stringing on the upper is not a dynamic flying line, but a rope that passes through each other on the upper and is connected to the ankle. It is convenient to tighten the shoelace to improve the wrapping and locking feeling of the entire upper. And at this price, it still uses a full-length inner boot, which is still relatively conscientious. The padding in the heel is very thick at the ankle, and you can have a good experience when trying it on. It can better lock the ankle and improve the heel.

The huge pull-up ring on the heel has a mountainous feel. However, it also increases the weight of the shoes. Some friends think that this type of design is purely for convenience and improving appearance, and there is actually no need to add it. The ANTA LOGO on the shoe uses TPU thermal stickers as reinforcement, which is a good design.

The most obvious design used on both sides of the midsole is the mountain-shaped TPU surrounding the heel. One extends from the outside of the forefoot of the midsole to the heel.

It runs through the entire midsole and upper from bottom to top, giving it a bit of a 3D FLOW system feel. The midsole does not use nitrogen technology, but full-length A-flashedge technology.

According to the official disassembly diagram, we can also see that the mountain-shaped TPU directly surrounds the inside and outside of the sneaker. This will greatly improve the force line control of the sneaker itself and the stability of the landing.

Although the outsole is not marked with "cement nemesis", the deeper texture and rubber outsole should still be relatively wear-resistant. And this water ripple texture has actually proven its ability to grip the ground.

I think these shoes are around $100. If there are no serious flaws in actual combat, it is still a good choice for daily wear and actual combat.

Anta KT "The Mountain 2.0" Blue/Purple/White

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