The most luxurious in 2024! 361° is the most powerful basketball shoe!

The most luxurious in 2024! 361° is the most powerful basketball shoe!

361°Big3 Future: A rising basketball shoe star integrating culture and technology

In the world of basketball shoes, the Chinese brand 361° has gradually emerged with its unique design and innovative technology. Recently, 361° announced that it will launch a new basketball shoe - Big3 Future. This shoe not only displays the aesthetics of speed and power in design, but also incorporates profound traditional Chinese cultural elements and cutting-edge shoemaking technology.


The fusion of culture and design

Among the four colors launched, the "Zhaizi China" (translated as "This is China") color scheme is particularly eye-catching. The term "Zhaizi China" is inspired by the inscriptions on the Western Zhou national treasure bronzes and statues. It is the earliest known record of the word "China" and reflects a strong sense of cultural identity. The color scheme is mainly red, green and earth tones, conveying the beautiful meaning of peace and development.

Speed design philosophy

The design of Big3 Future is inspired by the streamlined design of sports cars, subtly integrating lines that convey a sense of speed and power into the shoe design. This fits perfectly with the fast pace and high energy of basketball.

Low-top design tailored for forwards and defenders

The low-top design increases the flexibility of the shoe, making it particularly suitable for the mobility needs of forwards and defenders. It provides adequate support and coverage without limiting the player's flexibility and speed.

Luxurious midsole configuration

Big3 Future adopts the "most luxurious" midsole configuration in 361° history, with a "sandwich structure" design. The upper layer is made of fat foam material QU!KCQTECH, and the lower layer is made of nylon material QU!KCQTECH. KFLAME CQT, sandwiching Soar Plate pure carbon launch plate. This configuration provides the wearer with powerful assist as well as excellent rebound and shock absorption.

Stability and rollover resistance

The fully wrapped TPU midsole design, plus the outer layer of TPU that extends from the inside of the toe to the outside of the heel, and then flips upward at the heel, greatly enhances the stability and anti-rollover performance of the shoe, providing better stability for basketball. Protect players.

Lightweight and breathable upper material

The upper is made of 361° exclusive carbon fiber material with a special yarn structure, which is not only stable but also lightweight, breathable and strong, ensuring comfort and durability.

Lightweight practical experience

The overall weight of Big3 Future is very light, with a single size 42 weighing about 370 grams. It is a high-performance basketball shoe suitable for actual games.

The launch of 361°Big3Future not only demonstrates 361°’s technical strength and innovative spirit in the field of basketball shoes, but also pays tribute to traditional culture. This shoe will definitely become the new favorite of basketball enthusiasts and professional players. Let us look forward to its performance on the basketball court.

Nikola Jokic x 361° Big3 Future

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