BIG3 FUTURE Basketball Shoe Review: Jokic's New Weapon Unveiled

BIG3 FUTURE Basketball Shoe Review: Jokic's New Weapon Unveiled

The Introduction

Nikola Jokic x 361° Big3 Future

When it comes to basketball shoes, the perfect fit is paramount. Today, we're taking a closer look at the BIG3 FUTURE, the latest and arguably the strongest offering from 361°, and the new battle boot for the versatile FMVP, Nikola Jokic.

A Signature Shoe for a Versatile Player

The BIG3 FUTURE is more than just a shoe; it's a statement of innovation and performance. As part of the SOAR matrix of 361° basketball shoes, it's designed for players who thrive on power and explosiveness. The "Future" colorway is the first to debut, and we're curious to see what the fans think of its aesthetic appeal.

Innovative Design and Technology

The BIG3 FUTURE is not just a shoe; it's a fusion of running and basketball technology. With a US9/EUR43 weight of 393g, it's a lightweight option that's easy on the feet but heavy on performance. The midsole technology, dubbed the SOAR SYSTEM, combines a layer of supercritical fat族 ETPU with a layer of supercritical 赢创 12 尼龙 (PEBA), featuring a uniquely angled, forked carbon plate in between.

The Benefits of the Midsole Design

This sandwich midsole design is common in running shoes but adapted here for basketball. The carbon plate's unique positioning and shape cater to a wide range of players, from those seeking a comfortable ride to the more athletic individuals who require explosive lift-off and forward propulsion.

Cushioning and Responsiveness

The upper layer of the midsole prioritizes cushioning and shock absorption, while the PEBA layer focuses on rebound and responsiveness. This combination ensures that players of all types can enjoy a smooth, responsive experience on the court.

The Fit for Jokic's Playstyle

While Jokic is known for his finesse and technical prowess rather than brute force, the BIG3 FUTURE's design aligns more with his status as an all-around center rather than a specific style of play. This raises an interesting question: should a signature shoe cater more to the player's individual style or to the broader consumer market?

Details in Construction

The shoe features a full-wrap lateral TPU for lateral stability, with strategically placed cuts for ease of movement and an extended防侧翻角 (anti-roll) for added safety. The shoe's force line has been thoughtfully considered, with a reduced TPU wrap in the heel to allow for shock absorption and stability.

Upper and Fit

The upper utilizes a carbon-fiber thread for a snug, supportive fit, combined with a dynamic lacing system for enhanced lockdown. However, the rigidity of the toe box material and its positioning may present a potential issue of discomfort.

Outsole Design

The outsole design is a standout feature, with分区 (segmented) areas around the carbon plate to enhance flexibility and responsiveness. This design detail, reminiscent of the popular AG4, has been praised for its excellent performance in mobility and jumping.


The BIG3 FUTURE is a testament to 361°'s commitment to innovation and performance. Whether you're a fan of Jokic or just a basketball enthusiast looking for a high-quality shoe, the BIG3 FUTURE is definitely worth considering. As always, the choice of footwear is a personal one, and this model from 361° offers a compelling blend of style, technology, and functionality.

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