361° customized B1G3 3.0 birthday gift for Dinwiddie

361° customized B1G3 3.0 birthday gift for Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie is another active NBA basketball player signed by Chinese sporting goods brand 361 Degrees after Aaron Gordon.

On April 6, 2023, using this pair of 361-degree B1G3 3.0 actual basketball shoes as the original shoes, a new pair of sneakers was customized for him as a birthday gift to commemorate and wish him a happy birthday!

The large 3 logo on the shoe is made of pure hand-carved leather. The toe is covered with blue-dyed rags with the texture of koi fish scales. The black and blue auspicious cloud pattern graffiti on the outside of the heel echoes the golden “dragon”, making it majestic and domineering. Very Chinese style.

The Chinese Dinwiddie tag on the shoes highlights the identity of the private customization and is unique.

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