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Anta KT7 multiple colors are exposed, do you love this look?

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Klay Thompson wore Anta KT7 during training. Tang Shen is in good condition.

The new colors of Anta KT7 are 8 colors, including "Remain White", "LA", "固若金汤", "ROCCO", "Water Rhyme", "Twelve Waters", "Ink" and "Dark Night Storm". Each pair is full of details!

Remain White


The design is inspired by the skyline of Los Angeles at sunset. In the midsole, the silhouette of the city and the black nylon support piece are combined to complement each other.

Water Rhyme

The body of the shoe is mainly blue, soft as water. The shades of blue are as if ripples of water faint, moisturize everything, and ripples in peace.


In addition to his strong three-point offensive, Thompson has always played the role of "defensive gate" in the team. Therefore, the launch of this color scheme is mainly to convey Tang Shen's top defensive ability.


Inherited the "ink and wash" theme color scheme of the previous generation of combat boots.

Twelve Waters Map

KT7 is inspired by "water" and integrates Chinese traditional culture. The color scheme is inspired by the traditional paintings and calligraphy works, "Twelve Water Map", which is related to water. There are twelve albums in total.


This color scheme has also appeared in the KT sneaker series many times. The color scheme is inspired by Klay Thompson's pet dog Rocco.

Dark night storm

The color scheme is mainly to express Klay Thompson's stormy offensive on the court.