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ANTA Sports


Anta (full name: Anta (China) Sports Goods Co., Ltd.) is a comprehensive sports goods company integrating manufacturing and marketing orientation. It is mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of Anta brand sports goods (including sports shoes, clothing  And accessories), listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 10, 2007.


In 1999, Anta invited Chinese table tennis player Kong Linghui as its brand image ambassador to rapidly increase Anta's brand awareness and substantially increase sales.  Zhang Jike, Zou Shiming, Chen Pengbin, Zheng Zhi and many other well-known athletes have greatly improved the popularity and reputation of Anta in the domestic brand!  In addition, Anta actively cooperates with the NBA, signing contracts with NBA stars such as Scola, Garnett, Rondo, Parsons, Thompson, etc., to continuously enhance the brand's influence in the international market.


Anta is committed to the application of sports science and innovation in high-performance development. Since its establishment 9 years ago, Anta has established the industry's only nationally certified sports science laboratory and has obtained more than 40 national patents.  In order to meet the different needs of international consumers, Anta has established an international design team composed of designers from China, the United States, Italy, France, Belgium, Japan, South Korea and other countries. It launches more than 3,000 new footwear products every year.  Clothing and accessories.


The English of Anta Group is "Anta", which is translated as "Mother of the Earth" in Greek.  It embodies the dedication to the world and mankind with an incomparable mind.  Greece is the origin of the Olympic Games. "Anta" refers to the Olympic spirit and product sportiness pursued by its brand, covering Anta's culture, soul and modern sports spirit.  The bright red of the Anta logo represents vitality and enterprising.  The A-shaped arc structure creates a sense of space, implying the rising flight, showing the graceful combination of power, speed and beauty in motion, implying the concept of pursuing excellence and surpassing oneself.

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